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When you receive an approval mail to you, your reservation means confirmed.
Please write your phone number with country code. Otherwise we will not be able to reach you.
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Adalar means “Πριγκηπονήσια Pringiponisia” in Greece. The Turkish say for it “Prens Adalarıİstanbul Adaları” or “Kızıl Adalar “. They are located in Anatolian Side and Marmara Sea. There is no way to the Adalar. So, many transfer will go to nearest town. The nearest towns are Kartal and Pendik. You can go to Adalar with Ferry from Kartal or Pendik.

After transfer booking, you have to confirm your transfer request on “Transfer Confirmation Page”. After you fill the information and click to “Book Now” button, you will be transferred to that page. After you will be receiving an approval email, when your transfer is confirmed.