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When Will Hotels Open in Antalya?

Turkey’s Mediterranean coast is home to booming tourism industry, but the question is, when will Antalya hotels reopen? That is a question we hear from tourists every day. The city has hosted 9 million international visitors this year and is gearing up to welcome even more in the coming months. Following a recent hygiene warning from the tourism ministry, Antalya hotels are preparing for summer. These hotels are building their facilities and services to ensure social distancing and are working to restore hygienic standards.

If you plan a vacation in this Mediterranean city, you may wonder when the season will resume. As the tourist season returns to Antalya, Turkish hotels are preparing for the summer season. As the country recovers from the pandemic, its hotels will resume normal operations. It is expected that Russian tourists will return to Antalya. Russians love to spend their holidays in Turkey, which means that the hotels will soon be welcoming them back in full swing.

Hotels Open in Antalya

Hotel Open in Antalya
Hotels Open in Antalya

In the past months, travel bans in Turkey have been lifted, and all hotels have started to serve. Antalya city has recently been declared a tourism hotspot, and foreign tourists have already begun making hotel reservations. In fact, by the time May rolls around, occupancy rates are likely to be higher than they were at any other time of the year. The five-star Antalya hotels are already getting reservations from European and Russian countries and expect to reach 100% occupancy rates when the holiday season begins.

A hotel in the city is a great way to see the sights in Antalya. On the Mediterranean coast, hotels put a lively social scene at guests’ feet. Its urban sensibilities are combined with thoughtful design, making it easy for people to interact and mingle.

The Old Town of Antalya is charming and fascinating. The town’s narrow cobbled streets and colorful, old-world buildings have distinct terracotta roofs. It has beautiful squares, such as the Saat Kulesi, which is a 19th century clock tower.

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