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What is an airport shuttle called?

Shuttle means “a form of transport that travels regularly between two places.“. As we know there are many varieties of everything. There are some variant of transfer too. When we call transfer, we think firstly rental car, airport transfer. By the way this transfer is not transfer of players.

Let’s talk about airport shuttle transfer.

What is Airport Shuttle Transfer?

Shuttle transfer mean that, the people who will go during same way, transfer with luxury vehicle as public transport. We can share more details with an example;

  • Our flight has been done and we will go to Kadiköy in İstanbul. When we go out of the airport, we will ask “Which bus will go to Kadiköy, When will this vehicle go to Kadıköy, How can I go to Kadıköy?” etc. The many people ask these questions and search a vehicle to go to Kadıköy. There is luxury vehicle which goes to Kadıköy. The many people, which do not know themselves use this vehicle to go to Kadıköy. So, we will call this transfer “Shuttle airport transfer”.

You cannot set departure time of the transfer and the people which you will make a trip. This transfer is not like private airport transfer or VIP transfer.

What is VIP Transfer?

This transfer is according to special people. When you prefer this transfer, you can set the departure time of the transfer. You will use special luxury vehicle. The driver will welcome you exit of the airport. You have to book before transfer.

The cost of VIP transfer is of course more expensive than shuttle transfer or other public transfers.

Which Transfer Should We Prefer?

You can select both of the transfers but if you go to long location you can prefer VIP transfer. If you have no time problem, you can select shuttle transfer.

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