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Sile And Agva Tour From Istanbul

Sile and Agva tour from Istanbul is a great way to visit these two enchanting towns, located in the Black Sea and set in a green landscape. The town was founded by the Genoese and is home to some of the most beautiful beaches in the country. After enjoying the scenery, you will be treated to lunch in Sile, a lovely fishing village. You can also enjoy holiday for shopping or exploring the local sights.

VIP Istanbul Tourism organizes a pleasant, safe and entertaining event for you. The town’s location makes it accessible by car. From the city center, you can take a canoe or sea bike ride in the river. You can also visit the caves in Hacilli Village, located just 12 km from the city centre. There is also a campground here for campers.

Sile – Agva Tour

If you’re traveling to Istanbul and want to see the sights, you should consider taking a Sile and Agva tour from Istanbul. The two are very different places, and you can enjoy a peaceful day by the seaside. You can spend the night in an old Turkish house, and you can even take photos. You’ll enjoy your trip to Sile and Agva tour from Istanbul, and get the chance to explore some ancient ruins.

Sile is a small coastal town near Istanbul that was built on a rock in the Ottoman era. It’s still a fishing village, but it has plenty to offer tourists and residents of the city. One of its most iconic structures is the Sile Lighthouse, which was constructed during the Ottoman Empire. The tower is one of only two in the Black Sea and is now a museum.

Whether you’re looking for a day trip from Istanbul to the quaint town of Agva, this small-group tour will be a highlight of your trip. You will enjoy the natural beauty of the Turkish shore. You’ll see seaside cafes, beaches, and ports along the Black Sea coastline. And, with a full day of sightseeing, you’ll have plenty of time for swimming and exploring the ancient towns of these villages.