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Sapanca Tour from Istanbul

If you are planning a trip to Istanbul, you may be wondering, “How can I get to Sapanca Tour from Istanbul?” There are many ways to get to Sapanca from Istanbul, including by train, bus, and taxi. But it is quite difficult to go to Sapanca with these ways and it wastes a lot of time. By rent a car with a driver, you can use the time you spend on the road efficiently.

You will experience the pleasure at the highest level with the Sapanca tour from Istanbul with VIP Istanbul Tourism. You will only focus on your holiday with VIP Istanbul Tourism’s VIP car with driver for rent and experienced and courteous drivers. The first step in planning a Sapanca tour from Istanbul is to determine your itinerary. You should visit the Masukiye Village, where you can sample the local cuisine. If go there, you’ll drive to Masukiye and explore a nearby waterfall. Besides its scenic views, Sapanca is also home to Turkey’s most famous zoo. Your driver will know the history and geography of the area, and he’ll be glad to stop for a break to serve you refreshments and tell you the stories of its people and wildlife.

Sapanca tour from Istanbul

Sapanca Lake
Sapanca Lake

The next stop on your Sapanca tour from Istanbul is Kartepe Mountain, which is a national monument of Turkey. You’ll have an opportunity to hike to the top of this mountain, but you can also rent an ATV and ride to the top at your own pace. The scenic vistas from the mountain’s peak will be worth the extra cost. You can also stop at Seyir Terasi, which is the highest point on the Sapanca Lake.

During your trip, you’ll see lakes, waterfalls, and even a ski resort! All of this will be included in your tour from Istanbul, so you can relax and enjoy the views.