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Perfect Transfer Sabiha Gokcen Airport SAW

Sabiha Gokcen airport is the other big airport of Istanbul. SAW (Sabiha Gokcen Airport) is on Pendik Europian Side of Istanbul. The name of the airport called from Sabiha Gökçen who is the first woman pilot in Turkey and the first war pilot of the world.

This airport far 48 km to the city center of Istanbul. Because of this we need transfer to airport and from airport to home or hotel.

How Can We Transfer?

We can ask; how can we transfer from Sabiha Gokcen Airport or to Airport?

There are some transfer options like public bus and taxi. There is no Metro line yet to Airport SAW. Of course there some VIP Transfer company too.

Let’s inform you about transfer from Istanbul, Bursa and Kocaeli.

The Transfer to Airport SAW with public bus

You can use public bus for transfer. There are many bus lines to Sabiha Gokcen like E10, E11, E9, 16S etc. The 16S Bus line is cheap but the others are expensive. These bus lines use 2 or 3 boarding passes. The station of them are not near to life area. They move only on E5 highway. So, you have to use another transfer option more in your hotel or home. Your baggages cannot be fixed to bus too.

There are also public buses from Kocaeli and Bursa. They are also not cheap and comfortable. Also, you have to wait more time at the station. Every time you can see a waiting and queue on the stations. Sometimes you cannot get on the bus and should await for another bus.

The Transfer to Airport SAW with Taxi.

That is a second option to transfer. You can find a taxi and transfer so fast. But it is also not cheap and comfortable. From Kocaeli and Bursa or Yalova the taxi is impossible. If you can find a taxi, you have to pay the extra cost. The taxis from Kocaeli, Bursa and Yalova are very expensive.

So, what can we do for perfect airport transfer to Sabiha Gokcen airport?

VIP Tourism and Via Transfer to SAW

This option is 3. option for us, but many tourists use this transfer option primary. But why?

Because VIP tourism is comfortable, fast and secure. Despite of the perfect transfer service, the cost is cheap. You can transfer to airport with professional drivers on our luxury vehicles. You can be used that you will be at the airport at the time.