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Istanbul Airport Transfer Comment

Istanbul Airport Transfer is so important, but many people and guest has some anxiety – worry. We think that you can have many ideas about Istanbul Airport Transfer and VIP Transfer when we share the comments of our and also other guests.

As you know the Istanbul new airport is so far to city center. So, you need, of course a transfer. You want to use a VIP transfer, but you do not know and you have some worries. Let us share with you the comments of the guest who used VIP transfer from airport to hotel and from hotel to airport. 

The Comments of the Tripadvisor’s and our Guests

Aida G: This airport steals our life some hours. Because everywhere is too far to believe. Welcome to the new airport of Istanbul, but there is no bus. The taxis are not comfortable and fast. Also, you cannot find overtime a taxi to anywhere. So, how can we transfer to our hotel or anywhere in the city center?

I prefer you VIP Transfer. You can book it on the Internet before the flight and they can welcome you at the airport. They are waiting with the VIP vehicle. You can get in and go to a hotel so comfortable and fast. The cost is same with Taxi but it is more comfortable and faster.

Doğukan: Everybody like the build of the airport. The parking costs are so expensive. There is no bus or well taxi. If there is no VIP transfer we cannot transfer to the airport. Thank you VIP Tourism and Transfer.

Sanjawergh: The airport is perfect. Everything is like a dream without public transfer. If you use a taxi, you cannot go where you go at the time. I selected VIP transfer. I prefer you. If you use VIP transfer, you can arrive to the airport at the time. Thank you very much VIPTourism-Transfer Company.

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