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Hospital Clinic Transfer

Hospital clinic VIP transfer service is a private transfer in Turkey. Every VIP Transfer Company cannot provide hospital, clinic transfer. But you can be sure, that we provide you “Hospital Clinic VIP Transfer” in Istanbul and Antalya.

Istanbul is the big and modern city. Hospitals, transportation and many things are so developed. Not only touristic, but also business and technology are developed in Istanbul. Many tourist and persons know that. Because of this they choose this city for tourism, hospitals, clinic, health etc.

We want to inform you about your transfer service. When you arrive to the airport, you need a special and comfortable transfer. You can make a booking and start your VIP luxury hospital clinic transfer.

Hospital Clinic VIP Transfer

Some Questions and Answers

Some guests asked us. We want to share these questions with you. Also, we can answer for them.

First Question

I have some health problem. Because of this, I cannot use public vehicles and taxis are not big for me. I must go to my hotel and then to the hospital. Is there any alternative for transportation from Sabiha Gokcen Airport?

Our Answer: Yes, of course, there are many alternatives. Firstly, we have to inform you, you need a big and comfortable vehicle like Mercedes-Benz Sprinter or Vito. We have these cars. We can welcome you at the airport, transfer to your hotel and then we can take you back, transfer to your Hospital. You will not live any problem during your voyage.

Second Question About Language

Hi, I have a question. I requested from my friend that she writes my question in English. Because I cannot speak English, German or Turkish. I checked your Web site. There is no language support in my native language. I am from India and I can speak only Tamil language. I have to visit Istanbul for hospital minimum 4 times. Because of this I need a modern, comfortable and a big car to transfer. Also, I need a guide who can speak English and Turkish, also my language Tamil. I sent my question to many companies and agency that can provide us a VIP clinic transfer. But nobody can help us. I would like to know, can you help us about this issue?

Our story and answer: Firstly we want to inform you our reader and follower, we answer this questions in Tamil language. 🙂 She sent us back and she said that, “I am really so happy. I don’t know what can I do now? Thank you, thank you for your help.”

So, what was our answer to this question. Let’s share it with you in English.

Hi, Mrs. Aadarshini. If you request, we can start language support in our web sites. Please note that, we have many luxury vehicles and modern VIP transfer service. You will be relaxed. We have many guides. They can speak English, German, Turkish, Arabic, Russian and French. But yesterday we searched and found a new person who can speak Tamil, Turkish and English, also Indian. We are waiting you. Please inform us when will you come to Istanbul. We would like to say “Welcome” to you.

As you see, many guests have many questions. We will try to share them with you on other blog articles. If you have any questions, what do you wait to ask us?