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Great Istanbul Airport Transfer

The transports are very important, like travels. If you want to live a great Istanbul airport transfer, we prefer that you select VIP transfer. Our great Istanbul has two airports; New Airport, Istanbul and SAW (Sabiha Gökçen). Especially we need a perfect transfer to new airport because the location is not near to the city and town centers.

Where is the New Istanbul Airport?

The new Istanbul airport IGA (Istanbul Grand Airport) is on the European side of Istanbul city. It is between Tayakadin and Akpinar villages. The millage is 55,8 km to Bakirköy and 64,8 km to Kadiköy. This km is not short for Istanbul.

How can we go to Istanbul New Airport (IGA)?

Many people ask how can we therefore to this airport? Because there is no way, public transport, metro, tranway etc. The location is very far to city center. There some solution for now, but these solutions are not great and perfect. We need really perfect and great transfer to airport. But only new airport, but also for Sabiha Gokcen we should use great transfer.

You can think of course taxi. But it is very expensive and also not very comfortable, fast. Because of this, many experts, prefer to use VIP transfer. The many customers need for this service. Especially the tourists and guests selects VIP tour. Because everyone knows the great Istanbul airport transfer can be possible with VIP tour and transfer.

What Should We Do?

The comfortable, fast and secure transfer would requested by every person. We as VIP Tourism proffer you what you needed during the transfer to the airport. Also, it is a same service from the airport to your house or hotel.

We have professional drivers, secure and comfortable luxury vehicles. You can live a great Istanbul airport transfer.