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Galataport Shopping Center And Restourants

The new Galataport Istanbul shopping center and restaurants are offering a variety of Turkish and World cuisines. The development is e a hub for arts, gastronomy, and shopping. It is also a destination for the city’s visitors. The new Galataport project in Istanbul has 400,000 square meters of construction, 250 retail units, and enough parking for about 2,400 vehicles. In addition to a thriving shopping district, the project also features cultural events throughout the year and fashion boutiques. This area is home to the Istanbul Museum of Modern Art and Sculpture Museum, and is preparing to become one of the city’s new gastronomic centers.

Galataport Shopping Centers

The Galataport Istanbul shopping center and restaurants will be the new cruise port for Istanbul. It is being hailed as the world’s largest coastal project. The area includes a wide variety of restaurants, bars, and hotels. You will be able to find the latest fashion trends at Galataport. You will also be able to enjoy the many attractions that are nearby. The Nusretiye Mosque will be a prominent landmark in the area.

Galataport Shopping Center And Restourants
Galataport Shopping Center And Restourants

The new development will also have a large cruise terminal, port hotel, and entertainment area. The mall has feature both international and domestic brands and is a great place to try local food. In addition to the shopping center, the new cruise terminal has also feature world-class restaurants and cafes. It has include a large space for art installations and other cultural events. It has a vibrant place for locals to visit and shop throughout the four seasons. There will also be a cultural and art center in the development.

The design center have a restaurant with a view of the sea. It is a great place to eat and drink in Istanbul. The new terminal is an excellent location for travelers. It is anticipated that the new project will have a significant impact on the city’s tourism.

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