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Galataport and VIP Transfer

Cruise ships have not had access to the Karakoy coastline for 200 years. Now, thanks to Galataport, cruise ships will have access to Istanbul. Glataport will provide access after 200 years. When the passengers arrive at Galataport Istanbul disembark, they will step into a world port that will touch all aspects of life, from tourism, culture and art.

Galataport will meet many passengers and VIP Transfer is of great importance for its passengers. VIP Istanbul Tourism is ready to meet the transfer needs of Galataport.

7 million foreign tourists are expected to Galataport during the year. In total, it will host 25 million visitors throughout the year. Passengers coming from many different parts of the world will need VIP transfers. VIP Istanbul Tourism is ready to present the magical atmosphere of Istanbul with comfort for passengers.


Galataport Istanbul will also host its local guests. Domestic guests also have a great need for VIP transfer. Because Istanbul is among the most crowded cities in the world. It houses 2 museums on its site. There is a recreation area of ​​14 thousand square meters in the middle area. Along with these features, Galataport is also a new center for culture and art life. The biggest need of passengers who want to visit this center in Istanbul is transportation. This problem is eliminated through VIP Transfers.

Transportation is one of the biggest needs of passengers coming to Istanbul on cruise ships. They can reach from Galataport to Istanbul Airport, from Galataport to Sabiha Gökçen Airport or many touristic places in Istanbul, to hotels, to their loved ones with great comfort with VIP Transfers. VIP Transfers are the fastest means of transportation in a timely and comfortable manner, leaving behind Istanbul’s transportation problems.

For 25 million visitors can access easily to the VIP transfers. VIP Istanbul Tourism will give the premium VIP transfer service to the passengers who comes from Galataport or want to turn back to the Galataport.