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Discounted VIP Transfer

Discounted VIP Transfer is not possible for us?

Some people think that, the VIP luxury transfers and tours are very expensive. The normal, middle and low budget people cannot use a VIP Transfer and Tour. Is it really right?

Let’s make a calculation. You will fly to Istanbul and visit some places. For it you booked and bought a fly ticket to Istanbul New Airport. You want to visit historical places in Istanbul and go to popular places. Let’s share this some historical and popular places, areas in Istanbul.

Historical Places in Istanbul

  • Hagia Sophia Mosque: Here was a museum. Now it is a mosque.
  • Sultan Ahmet Mosque: It is Blue Mosque.
  • Suleymaniye Mosque.
  • Topkapı Palace etc. These places are in Fatih.

Other Historical Places

  • Kadikoy Armenian Church,
  • Taksim Church,
  • Adalar Church etc. These places are in different area and town of Istanbul.

You have to make a hotel booking. The best and nearest to historical places, hotels are in Fatih. But Fatih is so expensive. So, the other best, nearest and cheapest hotel town is Sariyer. You will make a hotel booking in Sariyer.

And now. You need many transportation.

A Transfer from Istanbul airport to Sariyer Hotel.

There are many alternatives at the airport like Taxi, Rent a Car, VIP Airport Transfer, Airport Public Shuttle Service etc.

Taxi Airport Transfer

You have to find an empty taxi. If you find it you can use, but it is not cheap. Let’s search a cost. We are writing on Google: “Istanbul airport Sariyer taxi fees“. We found some results.

Taxi Airport Transfer

Per Km is 7,50 Turkish Lira. It means as EUR for now (10.02.2022) is 0,50 Cent. The Km is 45 from Istanbul Airport to Sariyer. So, it cost will be 340-350 TL (23 EUR). It is only one way taxi transfer. The transfer is not comfortable. Also, some taxi driver can request extra cost of highway. So, the cost can be 360-380 TL (24 or 25 EUR).

Total Cost: Approx. 25 EUR

Public Airport Transfer Shuttle Service

There is only one shuttle service at Istanbul Airport. It is HAVAIST. So, you will search “Havaist” in Google, Bing or Yandex search engine. You will want to know the cost and station of HAVAIST. You found some results about HAVAIST. It is an official web page of Havaist:

There is no station and transfer to Sariyer. So, you have to go to 4. Levent with HVIST-15. The cost is 32 TL (10.02.2022 – 3 or 4 EUR) per person. If you have much luggage and you are 5 persons, the cost will be 160-180 TL (10-12 EUR). But you have to make an extra transfer from 4. Levent to Sariyer Center. Get on a Public IETT Bus from 4. Levent. The 59RS bus number line will move to Sariyer Center. They don’t accept a money.

You have to buy a city transportation tickets and upload balance. So, the card is 15 TL and you have to upload balance minimum 10 TL. The cost of transfer from Levent to Sariyer is 3,50 TL per person. If you are 5 persons, the cost will be 17.50 (1.60 EUR). Then you have to transfer again from central of Sariyet to your Hotel location. You will pay again 17.50 TL (1.60). So, you will upload 40 TL balance and pay card cost.

Total: 50 TL (10.02.2022 – 3.50 EUR). The transfer and voyage is not fast and comfortable.

The total cost: Approx. 16 – 20 EUR.

Rent a Car Transfer

If you want to comfortable and private transfer, rental car option is best. But there are some details.

  • You have to make a booking before your flight. Or you cannot find a car when you arrive at the airport.
  • The driver license is important. You have to provide it.
  • You have to provide a credit card and pay provision.

So, let’s make a calculate. The provision cost is minimum 750 TL. It is for ECO Class Vehicles. If you request SUV, modern vehicle, you have to pay minimum 1800 TL. The rent a car cost is minimum 740 TL (50 EUR) for ECO Class per a day. If you want to SUV, its cost is minimum 1050 TL (70 EUR).

You have to fill Oil. The cost is minimum 550 TL (35 EUR.) So, the total cost for a day with hire car is 3400 EUR for SUV (220 EUR).

Total Cost: Approx. 220 EUR

Public Bus and Metro

There is no bus, train, tramway or metro line from Istanbul Airport yet.

VIP Airport Luxury Transfer and Discounted Transfer Options

antalya transfers
Airport Luxury Transfer

This service is so luxurious, modern and comfortable. You don’t need a credit card, driver license, extra cost for highway or others and provision cost. You will pay only car cost. If you are 5 people, the VIP Airport Transfer Company will provide your Mercedes-Benz Vito. The vehicle is modern and luxurious. The cost is only 45 EUR.

The driver will welcome you at the airport, help you in your luggage and transfer you to your hotel directly. They can provide you 7/24 transfer service.

Total Cost: Approx. 45 EUR.

Some Luxury Airport Transfer Company can provide discounted VIP transfer. You have to contact to them and request extra discount. So, you have use a discounted VIP transfer.

We provide you VIP airport transfer. If you contact with us, we will help you to use a discounted VIP transfer.