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Disabled VIP Transfer

Disable VIP Transfer is not luxury services, rather it is a necessity all over the world. But why? Because every transportation options are not available for the disabled people.

Many disabled people have a big transportation problem. They need a special private vehicle from the airport, port or station. We think that they should have best comfortable transfer. Because of this we started disabling VIP transfer. We can say that, it is first and innovating, maybe leapfrog in Turkey.

We have specially equipped VIP shuttles and vehicles. The disabled people can arrive to the spot, their destination as safely with us. You will not only reach to your destination safely and quickly; our staff is also providing you what you need during the transfer. Not only you, but also your guide or take a carer can transfer with you. You will not pay more for them as extras.

Please note that, our luxury vehicles are state of the art.It has all common wheelchair formats safely.

We shared some photos of our luxury dsabled VIP transfer vehicle in the bellow for you.

Disabled People Vehicle
Disabled Friendly Mobility VIP Transfer Vehicle

If you more question, you can contact us per WhatsApp, Email or Phone Number.

Our email:,
WhatsApp Line and Phone Number: +90 5322920394

VIP Transfer For Disabled People (Video)

We want to share a video of our disabled VIP Transfer vehicle for you.

Disabled VIP Transfer Vehicle

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