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Comment From Our Guests

Comment From Our Guests: Everybody knows the comments of the guests and customers are very important for us and for other people who thinks to select us and our services. Today there are many options and comments platforms for the guests. We and every company should hear the comments of the guest every time.

What do we mean about the guest comments?

We think that we are a guest and tourist. When we go to any city and use some services like rental, hotel, transfer, airport services, food & break etc. After these services we can comment. We can express our thoughts about these services like transfer, airport, rental, hotel, etc. If we like it, our comment will be positive. If we dislike, it will be of course negative.

So, every guest’s comment is important. If you have a feedback after your comment, you can think to use this service from that company again. This is so important. If anybody did not call you or send a message for your comment, you should think again before this service from that company to use.

We use many comment platforms and websites. When you send a comment, we try to check and make what the needed. If you need a help, we try to help you so fast. If you have some questions, we answer all of them as soon as possible.

What Kind Of Comments Are There For Us?

We would like to inform you about some comments of our quests. By the way we thank to them with our best wishes

Mrs. Selin: I found the VIP tour on the Internet with Google search engine. I asked it to my friends. They said that, they saw the VIP tour, also on other search engines like RastgelelikBing, Yandex etc. But they did not use yet. I had some anxiety about this company. But I selected. And now I am very happy to use this company. My transfer was very perfect. I prefer you also.

Mr. Lukas: Thank you VIP Tourism to help us and live with us so comfortable and luxury transfer.

Mrs. Stefanie: “Alles gut, Danke!” So, I would like to say, every thought was great and perfect. The time was so criticised, but the VIP Toursim’s driver helped us. We were at the airport at the time and the transfer was comfortable. The cost is not expensive. Thank you again. 

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