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Bagdat Street

Bagdat Street, which is one of the most preferred places in Istanbul, which you can easily visit and see with VIP Istanbul Tourism, is 9 kilometers long. It starts from the Kadıköy district of Istanbul and extends to the Bostancı district. It is one of the most popular and modern regions on the Anatolian side of Istanbul. Transportation is very easy.

With a length of 9 kilometers, Baghdad street offers a very suitable route for sports walks. After your group walking activity, you can enjoy the street of Baghdad with a great breakfast in one of the modern cafes.

Bagdat street is a very important point where serious events take place. If Fenerbahce Sports Club won the match, you can witness the carnival-like celebrations of the fans on this street. Open-air theaters are held in Liberty park. You can participate in various festivals held in August. At other times, the Liberty Park is very popular with its wide area and greenery. The rose garden will add a natural and fresh breath to your trip.

What to do on Bagdat Street?

The 9-kilometer area is an ideal walking route for those who like active life. It is also very enjoyable to do this route by bicycle. You will see many people enjoying the street of Baghdad with electric scooters lately.

If you are a family with children, Istanbul Toy Museum, which children will love very much, is on this street. The amusement park on the street is also frequented by families with children and young people.

When you turn your direction down on Bağdat Street, you can quickly reach the beach and swim from the points where you can enjoy the sea.

            If you are interested in fashion, you will encounter the magnificent stores of many brands on the street and you will be able to shop as you wish.

            There are many cafes for breakfast lovers. Don’t be afraid if you got up late or if you’re too lazy to prepare breakfast after your long walk. Magnificent cafes where you can taste the delicacies of French cuisine are waiting for you in places that serve hot breakfast until 17:30 in the evening. It gets very crowded on Sundays.

            In the heat of summer, the famous ice cream shops will be a great taste stop for both you and your children.

Bagdat street is also frequently visited by lovers. Looking for a restaurant specifically for a romantic dinner? The modern restaurants on Bağdat Street will more than meet your needs.

A pleasant transportation awaits you with VIP Istanbul Tourism.