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Airport Taxi Transfer

Airport Taxi Transfer is only one option to transfer from airport. Which airport you go, you can find a taxi easily. We will inform you about Istanbul Airport Taxis.

What is it?

A commercial car that usually carries passengers in the city and whose fare is determined by taximeter. It is transfer vehicle. So, It is “voiture à taximètre” in French. It means: “Rental carriage equipped with fare meter

Taxi Transfer

This service is provided in Istanbul airport during 7 days (7/24). There are some class:

  • E Class: The color is black. It means luxury transfer.
  • D Class: The color is blue.
  • C Class: The color is orange or yellow.

There are 3 classes as total.

To where can we transfer with a taxi from Airport?

You can transfer with a taxi from the airports to anywhere in city center.

How can I call a Taxi?

You can check a number of office and call them. They will send a car to your location.

Also, you can use an application: Bitaksi. When you click it, the system checks your GPS location and show you the nearest taxi. When you call it, it will come to your location.

Luxury taxis company has a website and online reservation system. You can use it. You can make a reservation. The VIP Transfer driver will welcome you at the airport and transfer you to your hotel or anywhere you want to go. Also, they can take you from your hotel or anywhere to transfer to Airports. The taxis are so important for airport transfer.

What kind of vehicles are there as a taxi?

The brand and model of the vehicles are different according to class.

  • Yellow: Fiat Egea, Symbol etc.
  • Turkuaz: VW Passat, Skoda, SuperB etc.
  • VIP: Mercedes-Benz E-Class etc.
  • VIP 8+1: Mercedes-Benz Vito etc.

If you need a VIP airport luxury transfer, you can call us or send us an email. Also, you can make a booking online.